Hide and seek of Sun

Poem – Someday, Live Your Life

The author shares his view of how one should let go and live life by setting aside the phones and social mediums and by being a part of nature.

Someday, instead of waking up in a closed box, open your eyes to open sky before the Sunrise.

Someday, in the morning, let your phone sleep a peaceful sleep and walk out of your box. Not in a hurry for work but to see the momentous different dynamic shades of the seamless sky as a strange but delicious looking fresh orange ball rises up from its hiding under the horizon; filling your heart with calmness and lighting your face with the happiest smile. Believe me, it is far more beautiful than the artificial phone wallpapers.

Someday, while on the way to work, look up and play hide and seek with the Sun, fetching it in the dense leaves of the trees.

Someday, instead of sitting on the benches and pavements, sit beneath a tree resting your back against it. Let your feet be caressed with the soft, cold soil. You will experience the peace of sitting in the lap of your mother.

Someday, instead of telling the whole world where you are on the social mediums, let your lungs breathe deep, let your eyes fill with the ecstatic mosaic of your surroundings, let your skin feel the light breeze, let your ears be free of the constantly plugged in earphones, let yourself free from the duty of broadcasting everything to everyone. Someday, just stay alive. Simply, live.

Someday, gaze up at the sky, not for complaining how sunny it is, but for thinking through the heart, ‘what if I could fly?’

Someday, walk through the pouring rain, run through it, jump in the puddles, open your arms upwards and gaze up at the raining sky, even if you can’t keep your eyes open. Keeping your mouth wide open, feel those little drops dissolve into nothingness, the moment they land in your mouth.

Someday, instead of hanging in to your work life, hang on to the branch of a tree and try to feel the thrill of hanging high above the world. And you fall from there, but you would still laugh happily.

Someday, instead of wearing the branded pair of shoes, let your feet freely walk on the green grass, let your toes bathe in the soil, let them get poked and pierced with some pointed stones and the needle-sharp thorns. And I promise you will feel the extreme sense of happiness that comes from the sweet pain of extracting the thorns.

Someday, follow the squirrels, chase them, play with them, to let your ego know that even a small squirrel can make you look stupid.

Someday, hop with a frog just like you used to when you were a kid.
Someday, let yourself free and be a kid with no worries.

Someday, instead of sleeping in a box with a night lamp, lay down under the starry night sky and bathe in the soft glowing moonlight.

Your Body is meant to live. And not just to work.

So Someday, just let it live.

Photo by Julian Paolo Dayag from Pexels

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