African American Woman stealing look from her book

Poem – Eye Contact

The poetess tells a story about how eye contact can say so much more than mere words can.

That evening you were surrounded by a crowd,
I stood there feeling all proud.
There’s so much I wanted to say to you,
But I knew words wouldn’t come out, not even a few.
I wondered if you realised I was there,
Whether for my presence you care?
But then from the crowd you looked up at me,
I was so nervous, I wanted to flee.
For a brief moment our eyes met,
Little did you know in my heart I had secrets to be kept.
To avoid your gaze, I looked down at the floor,
But honestly I wished for more.
Disappointment and confusion could be seen on your face,
To you I was being drawn by an invisible lace.
Walking away from there I smiled,
Sweetheart, we are about to fall in love all wild.

Photo by Thiago Rebouças from Pexels

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