Poem about mental and physical insecurities in love and life.

Who was I and Who were you
A mere puppet of my insecurities in a world made by you
Always running behind your validation
Always so desperate for your attention
No, I wasn’t pretty but I was made ugly by you
Fat! Ugly! Whale! and at times a Shrew
Just Words for you but on me, it grew
I hated me because I wasn’t you
You ate me up, you shot me down
Well, I never ate to fit in your gown
I was a big fat joke to you, pun intended
Blamed you every time my breath contended
I couldn’t cry for every wound unattended
I couldn’t blame you, this had to be ended.
Who am I and who are you
Who am I and Who ARE you
Last night I had this epiphany
The only person who needed to love me was me
I walked past the boundaries you set me
Realised I didn’t need you to praise me
Running behind your validation, ever so desperate for your attention
Be Yourself you said, funny that you would mention
Well, I understood the only validation I needed was from me
Never knew it was so hard to love the branches from the same tree
I was me and you were you
Just this time I loved me because I wasn’t you
You tried to eat me up, you tried to shoot me down
However today I don’t care to fit in your gown
I sing off-key, I dance offbeat
My diet? Haha it is always a cheat
I cried and I cry
Only this time tears of sadness went dry
I am a soul and this is how I learnt to fly.

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