Person trapped in well

Poem – Trapped in the Nightmare of Life

Poet expresses how she feels trapped in the nightmare of her daily life. Even though she is attempting to break out, everything she does is failing.

My feet are heavy
Mind filled with thoughts
Can’t walk
Can’t breathe
Everything is crumbling down
I can feel so much
But I’m so numb at the same time
Heart is exploding
Anger is pouring
But I don’t know what I’m so mad at
Someone please give me a sign
Wanna bleed from a thousand places
To feel the pain but to also feel dead
What have I even become?
Filling up with drugs
Still can’t fall asleep
Don’t know what is this mess about
Feels like I’m trapped in a nightmare that I just can’t break out of
I smile, I enjoy, make jokes, laugh at jokes
But I don’t know if I really feel the same.
Been with the new ones and the old
Got out of the house
Trapped myself in work
Trying to unfold
But still nothing seems to work.

Photo by Úrsula Madariaga from Pexels

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