Learn to Value People, Before You Lose Them

Where to start from, is the real question! Tell me something, guys. Where are we heading? Can someone tell me? We live in such a world, where we take everything for granted. How just can we? For instance, come on if we take the Sun, Mountains, Air, Water, the entire Nature for granted, but can we just take our people for granted? How can you even just think of it? The fact is, we do not value people and their existence until we lose them, isn’t it?

But my suggestion to all my dear fellas is to learn to value all those who care about you because not everyone is blessed to be around people who show so much care and love. Always, value people who do things just to make you happy, because in this mean world not everyone wants to see you happy. Pay attention to those who take out maximum time from their busy schedule, just to spend time with you, because not everyone will make time for you. Value all those who stand by your side in tough times, not everyone will be by your side in your bad times. If people stay silent and stay with you in spite, when you are wrong with them or behave wrongly, and stay when you need them, that’s your reality check that not everyone will tolerate your ruthless behaviour unnecessarily. Keep all those people as a priority, who never question you and in return keep their promises, not everyone does that.

Very few people will take a step back to see you go ahead and see you grow and be happy. Appraise those, who deserve to be respected but you never took a second also to be thankful and yet they are by your side. Stay close to people who prayed for you in spite of knowing that you ill-treated them. Value those who never let you down even after knowing you were hard to handle. Assay all those who were true to you on the face and even on your back. Appraise all those you compromised and sacrificed their life and happiness for yours. Value those who never check their time-table when you are in need of them. 

Understand the very basic fact that, you can not take such people for granted my dear fellas. Granted things have no validity in this era. And you cannot afford to lose such irreplaceable people from your life. Remember one thing always, that if a person is standing for you in spite of you behaving badly with them, then trust me you are blessed because, in this mean world, no one does this nowadays. Why will someone bare the pain to see you happy? Why and till when? Just because you are important to that person doesn’t give you the right to take them for granted.

My dear friends, value such people before you lose them forever! Because ultimately everyone has their limits and once it gets crossed, they won’t hurt you or harm you in return but they will silently walk away from your life. And if that happens, it’s going to be a major loss for you and major missing too!

So before it is too late, understand and learn to value those people who are in your life because once they are gone, that post realization will be of no use. Because once gone is gone forever!

So before it is too late, run back to those dear ones and speak your heart out and tell them how much you value them and that you just can not afford to lose them, no matter what.

Change your behaviour towards them and do justice with their goodness because they deserve much more than you can ever think off.

Photo by Matheus Viana from Pexels

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